Waname 471044 Anal waterbased lubricant, 100 ml

Anal Lube Water Based is an intimate lubricant, which ensures natural pleasure
thanks to the thick and unique gliding texture and is specially suitable for anal use.
This intimate lubricant has a hydrating and moisturizing effect. It gives more comfort during
sexual activities and complements the natural body moisture, which makes the sexual
intercourse more intense. Anal Lube Water Based gives more erotic pleasure for
both partners. This lubricant can also be used in combination with latex condoms.

Aqua - Solvent
Glycerin - Solvent, Humectant, Osmolyte
Maltose - Masking, Moisturising, Skin donditi
Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract - Astringent
Sodium Hydroxide - Buffering, Denaturant

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