Waname 474030 Sensitivity gel for women, 50 ml

Waname Sensitivity Gel for Women is a stimulating gel for the intimate areas of the woman. The gel
increases the desire and lust and guarantees intense intimate moments.
The high quality ingredients in this unique gel createan intense experienceduring
sexual intercourse. ViaGel for Women warms the sensitive skin of the clitoris and lets
it tingle in a pleasant way.

Aqua - Carrier for the gel, Solvent
Glycerin - Solvent, Humectant, Osmolyte
Propylene Glycol - Humectant, Skin conditioning, Solvent, Viscosity controlling
Alcohol Denat - Antifoaming, Antimicrobial, Astringent, Masking, Solvent, Viscosity controlling
Carbomer - Emulsion stabilising, Gel forming, Viscosity controlling
HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL - Emulsifying, Surfactant
Mentyl PCA - Humectant, Skin conditioning
DISODIUM EDTA - Chelating, Viscosity controlling
Menthol - Denaturant, Masking, Refreshing, Soothing
Aminomethyl propanol - Buffering

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